Month: October 2019

Develop A Winning Team

Fall football season is under way. Turn on the TV and you can get an eyeful of top-notch teams in action. Even if you’re not a sports fan, you have to admire the spectacle of highly trained professionals reaching for a common goal. Would it be as entertaining to watch your business teams on TV. Could we tell what was going on? Or would we have to ask ourselves, “What the heck are they doing?” …

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Crank It Up!

Written by Grant Tate What can you do if our organization is too laid back? If the people lack urgency? If you’re missing targets? Maybe you look at last quarter’s numbers wondering how to crank it up—increase sales, produce more, get people moving, get them to share our urgency.What should you do on Monday morning? Tell everyone why you need to crank up the pace. Do the inspirational bit, but also lay out the challenges …

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Surviving the Next Entrepreneurial Stage

Written by Grant Tate Sampson runs a thriving small technology company. He decided to enter the business world five years ago after securing several important patents through his work in the engineering college of a large university. Because he was well-known in engineering as well as business circles, finding customers for his products was relatively easy and the company moved to profitability in only two years. At the beginning, the company ran like another research …

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Count Your Fires!

Written by Grant Tate “I can’t get the assignment done because we’re always fighting fires.” How often have I heard that one? My client was telling me he couldn’t get ready for our coaching session because too many things were going wrong in his business. “We’re always in crisis mode,” he said. Too many small businesses run on the edge of being out of control–responding to customer complaints, fixing mistakes in production, dealing with unruly …

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Fix ‘Em or Fire ‘Em

Written by Grant Tate “Fix ‘em or fire ‘em” is the often harsh and shocking advice I give to small business owners. Too often, they are putting up with poor or destructive performance, thus compromising the potential of their business. We’ll get into the reasons it’s difficult to fire someone in another column, but let’s focus on the physics of teams—why goal alignment is so important. When we studied physics in high school or college, …

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