Who are we?

We are an agile management consulting operation in Charlottesville, Virginia with a wide range of capabilities from strategic planning to operations. We believe experience counts and we have lots of it. Our staff has on-the-ground experience in corporations, small and medium businesses, universities, schools, local government and non-profits. And–we have the tools and techniques to help you define your challenges and meet them.

Yes, we’re a boutique consulting firm, but our toolbox is bursting with the latest tools and techniques. We believe in the 18-month rule: The half-life of our tool box is 18 months and needs to be continually updated. So, we are ravenous life long learners who constantly search for new ways to serve our customers. Our company was founded on our research competence and we depend on that learning to keep us on the leading edge.

The bridge ltd is a company that helps organizations scale-up and leaders transform themselves and their organizations. Through the Four Decisions Framework, conf-rm-web strategic planning, coaching and our other professionally designed processes, we show people how to develop a sense of purpose, tap their inner resources, set and achieve their goals, and translate plans into effective action. We facilitate sessions that help create strategic business plans and ignite world-class organizational and personal performance. Our unique blend of world experience and proprietary, field-tested processes makes us the ideal partner on the road to personal and or
ganizational victory..

The bridge ltd is a partnership of Grant Tate, Ancolien Tate-Siertsema and Warren Tate with offices in Charlottesville, VA and Houston, TX. The partners are experienced corporate and small business executives who have extensive local and international experience in developing businesses, other organizations, and in helping individuals find fulfillment in their careers.

Why we do what we do:

It sounds idealist, but this is the truth: we get our biggest reward from seeing people realize their dreams and find reward and satisfaction in their work.

We believe that really successful organizations are good places to work. That’s not to say that there aren’t some companies that thrive in the short run by taking advantage of their customers and their employees. But organizations that are “built to last” know that their people are their most important resource.

We build our business on solid, trusting relationships. The starting point for any of our projects is trust.