Business Growth

Crank It Up!

Written by Grant Tate What can you do if our organization is too laid back? If the people lack urgency? If you’re missing targets? Maybe you look at last quarter’s numbers wondering how to crank it up—increase sales, produce more, get people moving, get them to share our urgency.What should you do on Monday morning? Tell everyone why you need to crank up the pace. Do the inspirational bit, but also lay out the challenges …

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Surviving the Next Entrepreneurial Stage

Written by Grant Tate Sampson runs a thriving small technology company. He decided to enter the business world five years ago after securing several important patents through his work in the engineering college of a large university. Because he was well-known in engineering as well as business circles, finding customers for his products was relatively easy and the company moved to profitability in only two years. At the beginning, the company ran like another research …

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Developing a Talent Supply Chain: Construction Superintendents

Written by Grant Tate Superintendents are the “master sergeants” of the construction industry, the guys or gals at the front lines leading the construction of tall buildings, roads or other projects. They manage the work crews, coordinate the work of subcontractors, keep projects on schedule and within costs and insure a safe working environment. And, like the post office, they are there, every possible day, moving projects ahead. Construction projects have a lot of moving …

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How to Blast Through Reading Material

Written by Grant Tate What! PhD students can’t read? I was shocked to find how many of my online PhD students couldn’t deal with the reading load in my capstone course. They’d been through years of school. How did they get here? In our information-rich world, processing print or on-screen material is essential to our productivity, success and, yes, pleasure. Developing good reading skills are essential. I’m not a reading specialist but, over the years, …

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