We have a rich toolbox of processes to help you reach your goals. Here are just a few examples:


The first step in creating change is knowing where you are starting. That idea applies to both organizations and individuals. We offer a range of proven assessment tools that help leaders understand their organization’s strategic, operational, competitive, leadership, and employee position.

At the organization level, the D.I.AL.O.G assessment measures the current standing in seven key areas. This instrument draws on the Baldridge criteria for organizational effectiveness. We also employ a variety of other instruments, including in-depth interviews to evaluate the situation.

At the individual and team level, our toolbox includes Advanced Insights (DISC, VALUES index, ATTRIBUTE index) , 360 degree evaluations and a variety of other questionnaires. We validate all assessments with in-depth    interviews.
These assessments have proved their value in helping individuals understand their strengths,opening new lines of thinking, and establishing a foundation for further exploration and development.

At the group and team level, the assessments helps team members understand their commonality and differences, develop improved decision making and communication styles, and to develop a higher level of trust among the participants.

Leadership Processes

As an affiliate of Resource Associates Corporation, we have a variety of professionally-designed leadership development processes. The materials are available to participants in either paper or online versions, and we use the processes with individuals or with groups. A typical process takes nine to twelve weeks to complete with one 2—3 hour session per week. We can deliver the processes face-to-face, via telephone, or via video conferencing. Customer Loyalty and Time Strategies, however, are 5 week programs.

We have several varieties of pre-packaged processes:

  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Team Leadership
  • Management
  • Executive Leadership
  • Sales Leadership
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Time Strategies

The materials for each of these includes text materials, workbook and audio recordings of the text materials. We typically supplement the materials with our own videos and selected documents and presentations, which we provide via cloud applications.

Although these are packaged as standard processes, we typically customize the processes to meet a particular individual or group needs.

Strategic Planning Processes

Our strategic planning processes also include professionally designed, field-proven packages that can be directly applied by most organizations, with our guidance. These include Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategic Thinking, Executive Strategic Planning, and Annual Goals Review. The packages includetoolbox.001 training materials, workbooks and step-by-step guidance for implementation. These processes are also available in paper or online versions.

Once again, we typically customize the processes to meet a particular individual or group needs…or design a process aimed at your particular needs.

Open Enrollment Programs for Emerging Leaders

If you fashion yourself as an emerging leader, these are the programs for you. Join others in face-to-face group coaching sessions, 2-3 hours each week for nine weeks, in Charlottesville, VA. You’ll learn how to lead high-performing teams or become a more effective professionals sales person. At present, we are offering these programs:

The Four Decisions Framework

Our Four Decisions Framework is normally offered to companies with annual revenues of $4 to $200 million. For smaller fast-growth companies, who cannot afford a yearly subscription, we offer the Four Decision Framework in weekly sessions of 3 hours each.

Team Leadership for Emerging Leaders

In today’s business, the team leader is the main link between the organization’s goals and the people who are responsible for the daily activities that make those goals a reality. Because of the necessary and integral role that this position plays, it is obvious that good team leaders are key to the success of any organization.

Many everyday decisions required within this role affect profits, productivity, service levels as well as attitudes and morale. With a role and function of this magnitude, it would seem logical that the process of becoming a team leader would require years and years of training. However, most team leaders have had little or no training in the required skills.

 Topics include: Successful Team Leadership, Preparation for Team Leadership, Understanding and Affirming Your “Self,” Goal Setting for Success, Turning Solutions into Actions, Organizational Goal Setting, Managing Your Time, Motivation and Confidence , Building a Successful Team, Creating and Managing Performance, Employee Evaluation and Discipline ,Decision Making and Problem Solving.

Sales Skills for Emerging Leaders

The field of sales has experienced some dramatic and far-reaching changes over recent years. Today’s sales professionals as well as today’s buyers are better educated, more informed, and have more options than ever before. These changes have created new, exciting, and challenging possibilities in every organization. Success requires innovative ideas and nely developed skills.

Whether you are selling a product or service, whether you represent a well-known, established company, or a new start up, one fact remains clear: it is unlikely that you will maintain a competitive advantage unless you discontinue doing things the way you have always done them.

Success in the world of sales depends on your ability to reinvent yourself and your processes, and apply them for improved results consistent to your customers’ needs.

Topics include: Success in Sales, The Buying/Selling Process, Attitude Drives Success, Prospecting and Marketing, A Process for Goal Achievement, Communication Skills, The Introduction, Gaining Favorable Attention, Discovering Wants and Needs, Presenting Benefits and Consequences, Getting Commitment and Follow Up, Overcoming Obstacles and Stalls.

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