Mix in equal parts of corporate experience, entrepreneurial zeal, public service, business advocacy, teaching, and a passion for excellence and you get 

…Grant Tate, the cofounder and CEO of the bridge, ltd.

Before founding the bridge ltd (formerly the Bridgewater Innovations Group, LLC), Dr. Tate was an executive at IBM, where he led a software development lab, introduced new products and managed the reorganization of a $2 billion hi-tech division. In 1992, Dr. Tate took Bridgewater to Europe, founded a Dutch business venture and spent five years researching technology trends for the European Commission.

Along the way, Grant has launched three small companies and co-founded the New Mexico Technical Innovation Center and the Connecticut Venture Center—both organizations focused on building entrepreneurial companies.

Grant is also active in civic affairs in his community in central Virginia.  He has served as Chair of the Fluvanna County Economic Development Commission and represented Fluvanna County on the regional Thomas Jefferson

Planning District Commission.  Working in the community – as well in foreign countries – has taught Grant the life lesson that is essential for effective leadership and successful business:  our own point of view is not the only point of view.

Grant Tate knows that each journey is different, that each company or individual’s issues are unique. So, while the bridge ltd may employ some of the same evaluation tools with multiple clients, it is not formulaic process. The answers come through probing questions and careful — the essence of a successful coaching relationship. And coaching is all about building trust so that core issues can be revealed and resolved.

“Experience is our competitive edge at the bridge ltd,” Grant says. “We have the MBAs and we know the theories, but we’ve found over the years of doing this that there is no substitute for real-world experience. We know what works, and we know how to communicate that knowledge.  But most importantly, we care about our clients, because we know that knowledge is a tool that means little unless shared with a genuine concern for the growth and success of others.”