If you wanted to organize a roomful of people into an effective working team together, you might want the help of someone who understands the importance of first hearing each person’s story – or perspective – so that the talents of each person will become part of the collective solution.

Jennifer Till is this kind of person.

Jennifer Till brings a unique blend of warmth and empathy with a positive, action-oriented approach to projects.  Jennifer’s professional experience spans commercial enterprises, non-profits, and community organizations – and includes company restructuring and major fundraising efforts. She is a facilitator with a keen sense of people and organizations – and the experience of working with many individuals and groups performing her unique brand of “corporate chiropractics.”

“I call it corporate chiropractics because I facilitate the process of finding the keys to help individuals align their goals — first with their own value system, and then within their departments. We then determine the departmental goals that support the organizational goals.  I work with executives to establish the vision and the top five annual organizational goals. When we – my clients and I – find the path, the experience is one of ease.  It is not uncommon for clients to tell me that they’ve discovered – after struggling with an issue – that ‘it’s all so easy.’  When that happens, we both know we’re headed in the right direction: towards alignment of purpose and mission, both personal and professional.”

As General Manager of her family’s business, JML Enterprises, Jennifer was instrumental in transforming a small electronics manufacturing company into a $10 million dollar business, targeting Fortune 500 corporations, and restructuring operations and staff to achieve optimum productivity and increased profit margin.  She has developed marketing programs for health care, manufacturing, and publishing industries– with start-up ventures being a specialty.

Jennifer Till also understands the unique challenges of the non-profit world. She has a strong track record in fundraising, raising over $4,000,000 in the last five years for the Charlottesville Waldorf School, the Alzheimer’s Association, and Hospice of the Piedmont.  She has served on non-profit boards and led teams of volunteers in hosting community events, including Quadruplicity, a local Chamber of Commerce conference focusing on career-life balancing skills especially for women. Jennifer knows well the competing responsibilities of work and home  — and is especially gifted in helping professional women assess their personal and professional needs, articulating a vision, and then taking the necessary steps towards meeting their goals. “I encourage women to start by dreaming bigger than they’ve ever dared. We work together to create measures of success, making sure that we’re working within the fabric of the whole – the whole family, the whole organization, the whole person that each woman is.”

Like creating a work of art, it takes skill, experience, and intuition to recognize opportunities and know how to help groups and individuals understand and communicate what they need in order to get the job done.  Jennifer knows the terrain and can speak the language – and what’s she’s best at is what she enjoys the most: helping her clients realize their potential while achieving a sense of ease in their work and life.