Warren Tate, a partner in the bridge ltd, whose passion and area of concentration is coaching for individuals within organizations. Warren believes that coaching is the means to help each individual find his or her unique purpose and life balance, and that when individuals within an organization operate with alignment, purpose, and balance, organizational performance is maximized.

Warren’s leadership style has been framed by his abiding respect for all, regardless of their positions in life. The past successes that continue to be most meaningful to him relate to establishment of environments that fostered growth of the people around him. This focusresonates with his life purpose of helping others become successful.

Born and raised in central Virginia, Warren earned a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Virginia, a degree later supplemented by an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in Houston. He held positions in engineering, management, and executive leadership with Texaco, Aramco, and Motiva, an oil industry career that spanned 35 years.

Warren lives in Magnolia, Texas, with his wife Judy. They have four children and ten grandchildren. Warren enjoys music, reading, and golf.