One of my clients has a sales problem, not a big one, but this year’s results are lagging behind the projections. He wants to catch up.

We could go into all the analytics required to set up a sales recovery plan, but let’s make it simple. He needs to get the whole team focused on improving sales. Focus!

These days, we are all prone to do analytical work on our computers. We email, search for information, keep records. You get it. You know the drill.

But when all our stuff is inside our computers, even if we’re sharing data with our colleagues, we are in our individual cocoons. Yes, we could share a screen that says, “Increase sales,” but we’d all be looking at it individually.

Instead of burying your goal in the computer, put it into graphical form on a big visible chart. Put it on a wall where everyone can see it. There is nothing like the big chart on the wall to clarify goals and create focus. Every morning, gather your team around the chart and plot yesterday’s results. Will there be any doubt about what you want to accomplish as a group?

Put the one big thing on a chart and focus.your team. It’s magic!