Improving  How Construction Companies do Business

We’ve worked with over 20 construction companies, from small surveying teams to large construction management and road b
uilding organizations. We help them through:

  • Effective Decision Making
  • Strategic Planning
  • Executive Development
  • Project Team Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Management & Leadership Coaching
  • Personal and Group Assessments
  • Organizational Design
  • Troubleshooting

In a recent strategic planning process with a road-building company, we helped them define four major pillars required to increase their profitability and set the stage for growth:

Develop excellent executive talent.

Whether you moved up the ranks through the school of hard knocks or began as a graduate of civil engineering or construction management, you need to understand how to lead and manage people. Yes, you still have to build things, but as an executive, you set the direction for the o
rganization (strategic planning), select and develop the right people (talent management), organize people into effective teams (organization design), create the environment for exceptional performance (leadership), monitor performance (productivity), and reward accomplishments.

Through personal and organizational assessments, executive and team coaching, bench-strength strategies, and executive selection, we help you develop personally and professionally and help you make better decisions and build a winning executive team. We work with all executive levels.

Build stronger project teams.

Project teams are the basic building block of a construction company. High performing teams build excellent buildings and roads…and produce higher profits. Project management is the glue that binds all elements of a construction company together into a profitable system.

Project managers, superintendents, estimators, foremen, and workers must collaborate effectively to make the team effective. How they communicate, work together, resolve conflicts, and develop one another determines project outcomes.

We’ve built personal assessment profiles for project managers, estimators, superintendents, and foremen that measure an individual against a benchmark of effective performance. This has helped clients select the best candidates, and formulate teams that understand how to work together. Our individual and group coaching processes build the skills your team needs to succeed.

Obtain higher margin

Good estimators know how to develop accurate estimates, optimize profits, negotiate projects, and work with project teams to help the project succeed. But a successful construction company doesn’t just wait for the phone to ring, they aggressively pursue projects in their target market sectors through good business development.
Our personal assessment program helps estimating managers select top candidates for their departments. We also help business development teams determine their target markets, differentiate their offerings and develop effective implementation strategies. Our approaches employ Blue Ocean Strategy, Business Model Generation, Design Thinking, and our proprietary online strategic planning process (Entrepreneurial Leadership and Strategic Thinking).

Improve process efficiency.

In a recent case, our strategic planning meeting defined the most important business processes and ranked them according to the potential payback if we improved them and the time required to achieve that result. We then selected a steering group, a team for each process, trained the teams and employed our Cycle Time Reduction process improvement methodology to analyze and redesign the processes. The improvements have been identified and the teams are working with the Information Technology group to implement the high value changes.