Leaders of hi-tech companies know their stuff. They have great ideas and the ambition to turn them into reality. But many engineers and scientists haven’t had the training or experience in leadership and management. That’s our sweet spot.

Yes, we too, are engineers, but we’ve also led real hi-tech organizations in the information technology business, in oil production and distribution, and in start-ups. And…we have the academic and research background to bring the latest thinking to leadership and organizational challenges. We’ve also have international experience.

Here are some of the things we’ve done to help hi-tech companies:

Strategy Development and stratlabegic planning

As an example, we meet every month with the CEO and CFO of an international biotechnology company to discuss strategy, business results, leadership developments and operational challenges.

Executive and Management Development

All members of this client’s leadership team has been through our executive coaching program, that involves twelve weeks of concentrated exercises and goal setting—and helps develop critical leadership skills. Key leaders also completed our sales leadership program.

Talent Management and Training

Every employee, whether executive, manager or scientist completed our individual assessment instrument, consisting of DISC, VALUES and Attribute Index. In addition, the client uses the assessments to assist in hiring new staff members. We’ve conducted workshops in team building, sales, time management, and innovation for the team.

Problem Solving and Confidential Advice

Whenever an issue arrives, we are available to help this client analyze the problem, consider alternate solutions and select the best course of action.

International Unit Startup

We’re also helping their new start-up in India develop a strategic plan, recruit new staff members, and implement a growth plan.