We work with a large variety of organizations—for profit, not for profit, schools, governments. Here are some examples:

Strategic Planning for Vocational School

Our team developed a strategic plan for the Charlottesville Albemarle Technical Education Center (CATEC) as a collaboration among the CATEC staff and faculty, the joint school board that administers the school and the school boards of Albemarle County and Charlottesville City. We used our Design Thinking methodology to lay out the process, conduct the research including in-depth interviews, design the new configuration and rally the community. The plan includes strong collaboration between CATEC and the Piedmont Virginia Community College and promises to offer new opportunities for high school students and adults seeking critical workforce skills. See https://youtu.be/dNOlpe0ps0c for a video of the model we developed.

Strategic Planning for National Association

We facilitated a strategic planning process for the Indoor Air Quality Association Board of Directors, that is helping them bring new energy to their important environmental and human health goals. All members of the Board took our personal assessment profiles designed to help each person understand her/his strengths, and also provided an informed view of the diversity of the group.

Executive Evaluation and Selection for a Public Organization

A public service organization called on us to help them evaluate their executive director and his suitability for executive coaching. After online assessments and in-depth interviews, the director decided to move on. Subsequently, we helped the organization’s board determine it’s leadership needs, consistent with their strategic plan, and work with a search firm to find candidates. We then used our Advanced Insights assessment package and interviews to assess the top three candidates. The chosen candidate has been on board for a good while and leading the organization to greatly improved performance.

Individual Coaching

At the personal level, we work with many individuals who are “in transition”—changing jobs, changing careers, facing some sort of career crisis. Most of our coaching is part of work with organizational clients, but if individuals need help, we’ll certainly do our part.

Facilitating the Hiring Process

Many of our clients are using our Attribute Index assessments as a tool to evaluate prospective hires. We help the client develop a benchmark profile based on the requirements of the job. The client posts the job, screen the candidates, choose the 3 best, we administer the assessments to those 3, compare the results against the benchmark, and coach the hiring manager do the next final interview. We are now in the process of automating that system to dramatically increase the speed and effectiveness of the hiring process.