We just completed a survey of customers. Out of a distribution list of sixty, forth five replied; an excellent response. Here are the answers to one of our questions:

What does the bridge do really well?

Communicate with participants
Group facilitation
Motivating, dissecting a problem and providing logical thinking to address the problem
Personalised advice as a trusted impartial individual from outside of the company
Facilitating Executive Team Development
Organizational Structure and future planning
Very good at sizing everyone up.
Personalized service
Address group dynamics
Listen to clients
Analysis of company or employee needs and custom designed solutions.
Over the years there’s always been honest open communications that lead to new understanding on complex issues
Strategic development, leadership, employee mgmt, time mgmt, process, team building, identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses
Leadership Training
Grant is a great listener and gives specific advice to the questions asked.
Guide our discussion. Provide insight from experiences with other companies.
Big picture thinking
Took kit
Handles confidential information well
Provide leadership that efficiently leads to identification of goals, impediments and solutions. Peer communications.
I was very pleased with the Personal Development services as well as the Process Improvement services.
Insightful observation and assessment of organization’s strengths and changes needed to succeed
Straight talk
Connect the dots from strategy to action
Personal assessments
Grant does everything really well!
Candid feedback
Cover all facets of a consultancy.
Understand people. Identifies and prioritizes opportunities for change. Assists in identifying and implementing impactful solutions.
Really good advice; led me to good resources
Grants interaction and questions with senior staff provided a safe place for all to speak openly and honestly regarding areas of concern. His facilitation was invaluable.
Bridge the gap between head and heart.
Help for understanding group dynamics
Strategic Advice

Many thanks to all who participated?