How We Work

We get to know each other

We start with a conversation. Our first meetings lay the foundation for good communications, effective relationships and ultimate success. Establishing mutual trust and rapport is important, so we take the time to understand you, your organization, and the major goals and challenges you face.

In this confidential session, we help put a value on your objectives, challenges or performance gaps. We clarify your goals and listen carefully to your operational and human needs. We use proven assessment tools, interviews and surveys to help you analyze your situation so you can establish priorities. We may ask you to take our Advanced Insights personal assessment, which helps you understand your personal working and leadership styles, as well as your inner strengths.

We develop a tailored approach

Many of us face similar challenges. Yet, people and cultures are unique. Taking the time to know both allows our team to develop the right approach for you. We design a program from our portfolio of professionally designed, field-tested processes, such as Strategic Planning, Scaling-Up, Blue Ocean, Executive Leadership, Team Leadership, Customer Loyalty or Strategic Planning and Operational Execution. These are often group sessions, but we may also suggest individual coaching for you or some of your key staff members. Or, we may employ Design Thinking to design a program unique to your needs.

We define quantifiable goals

Peter Drucker said, “What you can measure, you can manage.” We set measurable targets and help you achieve them. This could be expressed as improved throughput, reduction in cycle time, increased sales, better morale indicators, higher quality, improved customer loyalty, or reduced conflict. We’ll help you define your metrics dashboard so you have ongoing tools to measure your success.

We implement the solution

Change happens. Positive change, effective change—the kind you need to improve performance and outcomes—takes your leadership and your commitment. We act as your trusted advisor to guide you through implementation of your plans while helping you deal with obstacles as they arise. When your goals, your team members’ goals and the company goals are aligned, your company’s performance will soar.

We follow up

In a golf swing, it’s “follow through.” In your business, it’s “follow up.” Without it, your team may drift away from the changes and programs you’ve implemented, and older, ineffective habits can settle back in. We include follow up in all of our programs. We’ll schedule meetings with you and your team to make sure you meet the measurable goals you set. If you need course correction, we will guide you back to the track.