We are working with a precision instrument company to help them design a new organization that will provide the foundation to double the company’s revenue and profit over the next 5 years. To meet their goals, they need an agile, team-based structure that takes advantage of their current scientific and technical expertise and provides the means to recruit, onboard, and develop new staff members. To staff the organization,  current company leaders need to develop their leadership and management skills.  They must transition to a goal-based management system and develop support processes. This is an example of a high-potential company going through an existential transition period. It is important for them to preserve the enthusiasm and culture that has fueled their success so far, while implementing the practices and procedures required for the next stage.


We recently received a call from an HR director at a medium sized company. “Do you do 360 Evaluations on executives?” she said. “Yes,” we replied, “but not before we talk to you. Let’s set a time to talk.”  Over the years we have found the people who ask for a specific solution may need help diagnosing the issue they are trying to resolve. As consultants, we need to first get the facts, then understand and diagnose the issue before recommending a solution.  After a long conversation with the HR director, we learned three of the top leaders in the organization were in conflict and, as a result, were sending mixed signals to the staff. This was creating dissension and confusion. We asked the leaders to take our Advanced Insight Assessment package, and interviewed each person in depth. We then prepared team-based analyses and subsequently recommended a set of actions to resolve the conflict


A division of a large construction company was missing its profit and growth goals, losing market share, and employee morale was in the pits. The company’s owner asked us to study the situation and make recommendations. We initiated in-depth meetings with the executives, and had each take our Advanced Insights Assessments. To analyze the market position, we surveyed key customers and ran a ‘Blue Ocean Strategy Session.’ Every week over an eleven-week period, we met with the team in an executive leadership program where we helped them analyze the company situation, set new goals, and prepare action plans. Based on their work and our own analysis, we recommended to the owners a strategy and set of actions to get the company back on track to profitability.


“I think we have a communications problem. Could you do a survey for us?” The president of a research company was concerned about communications gaps among the staff, which included lab technicians, data scientists, and high level scientists. We initiated an online survey using our “D.I.AL.O.G.” organizational assessment tool, supplemented by interviews with all key members of the staff. The survey/interview process confirmed that there was, indeed, a communications problem. Staff members sometimes felt isolated and ill-informed.  Reviewing the results with the president of the company, we confirmed the issue, described what the data was telling us, and proposed a solution. “We could suggest an expensive communications worksop for all your people, which would take several sessions. Or–you could have 15 minute morning huddles with your whole staff to make sure everyone is on board.” A survey taken 6 months after the the company implemented the new meeting regime showed that communications had improved significantly. Low cost, big results.


Almost 10 years ago we did a D.I.AL.O.G. survey with the small staff at Indoors Biotechnologies in Charlottesville, VA. Now the company is one of the leading scientific companies in the field of allergen-related detection, with offices in the USA, the UK, and India. As long term trusted advisors with the company, we have helped develop executives, scientists, and staff members. We have advised on strategies and business growth, as well as aiding in business development and direction setting. Our personal assessments have provided data for personal development, hiring, and team development. 

Note: Most of our work is confidential, often involving a signed non-disclosure agreement. Therefore, we are careful to preserve confidential information while describing each of these projects. If you decide to work with us and need more detail, we can have you talk with some of our clients in person.