Any organization designed for the 20th century is unlikely to survive in the 21st. Every company will be a “technology” company. OK. There may be some companies who, because of their unique offerings, can maintain their traditional approach to business, but most organizations will need to adapt to the new realities.

Our job is helping people and organizations learn and thrive in the 21st century. We believe change is necessary and we feel a strong sense of urgency to help create organizations that can achieve growth and success–and provide a work environment where people have a deep satisfaction with their work and their contribution to society.

We know that old hierarchical structures are inflexible and restrain innovation and individual freedom. Pr0gressive organizations are experimenting with new team-based approaches with minimum layers where team members run their own group.

We know that old manager-centric teams are often incapable of dealing with the complexity of many businesses. Team members must have the skills and the authority to make decisions close to the issues.

We know that all team members must be leaders so they can manage their own work and effectively collaborate with others.

We know that information and communications must be open to all, so that decisions can be made rapidly and close to the action.

We know that new technologies are emerging faster than we can absorb them or deal with them.

We know that human relations and care for each other are more important than ever in today’s environment.

And…we know we want to help you grow and thrive. Call us.